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The Guardian Angel Service

The Guardian Angel Service has been designed and developed for both business (Business Guardian Angel) and personal (Family Guardian Angel) use.

This app is designed to summon help for you in the event of your requiring assistance. Examples are when under attack, when having a heart attack, when being bullied at work or at school, whilst being mistreated within a toxic relationship.

There are two functions within this app:

1. Help me - used whenever you are in a situation and potentially require help from others in your group of users. Immediately on activating a request for help, 3 recordings are captured from your phone and stored 'in the cloud' so that others in your group can listen to what is happening around you. Suitable action can then be taken by one of the people in your group. These recordings and your current locations can be saved in the event of something serious and potentially requiring police attention.

2. Track me - used when travelling home alone, particularly late at night. It alerts others in your group that you have started a Track Me Now, showing your location on your map. If one of the other users opts to supervise this event, you are immediately informed by the app, giving you peace of mind that someone is watching over you.

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