Database Design

The database is the lifeblood of any business, holding key data that can be interrogated in limitless ways​ to show trends, patterns and other invaluable facets of information that aren't always obviously clear. Many people are of the opinion that their accounts package and spreadsheets hold everything that they need but this is not the case.

Databases can reveal patterns and trends that are otherwise impossible to spot.

A few years ago Tesco came up with the concept of the 'typical' male shopper. This led them to stack beer and babies' nappies next to each other as they knew that when dads were shopping they typically bought beer and nappies in the same shop. Other such observations were made and the rest, as they say, is history. 

In more recent years other stereotypes of shoppers have been revealed and all of these are a result of analysing the data of the big supermarkets. You, the business owner can also identify trends and patterns that will help to run your business through pricing strategies and marketing initiatives that may otherwise have eluded you.

We can help to design and develop your database for you and incorporate it into your business workflow.

Current work involves a membership database for VX International, as well as a CMS database to consolidate all of their current websites across the world.  Another CMS has been built for Floris Cleaning of Malton, and others are under development as a joint project between Creative Software Ltd and a local radio station.