Software Solutions

Software solutions is a very broad term used to describe how IT can be used to leverage the most out of your business using software systems and the skills of your people.

Solutions can be designed after a thorough analysis of your business. Only when we fully understand how your business works can we suggest ways to improve it via software solutions. The input of your users is vital in getting the most out of your investment, without their input and adoption even the most technically brilliant solution would fail miserably.

In the past we have designed solutions that have linked a special kind of Microsoft Word document template to the company's database to enable the secretary to keep customers' details up to date as the company secretary felt most comfortable using Microsoft Word, something that was used everyday, rather than having to learn 'another package'. This enabled the adoption of the solution to easily enhance data management.

Another analysis of a business identified that the business had flawed manual systems and these need fixing before computerising those very problems!