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Are you getting the most out of your IT? Are you just using IT for letters, spreadsheets and perhaps Facebook? We specialise in incorporating IT as an integral part of your business; a tool that leverages the skills and knowledge of your staff to enhance productivity.

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Websites generally come in two different 'types': static and dynamic. Static websites rarely change and can quickly become 'stale' looking

Database Design

Databases are key to any modern business. The data they hold is the life blood of your business


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the vitally important process of managing how you integrate with your customers.

Software Solutions

Software solutions is a very broad term that is used when describing how IT, combined with business processes, can enhance productivity significantly

Smartphone App Development

Apps for Android and iOS platforms are supported on smartphones and/or tablets

IT support is another area of expertise that we offer to our business users.

Support Consulting

"The people at Creative Software Ltd have given us outstanding support with our (limited) IT knowledge since 2003. I was particularly impressed with how they dealt with off-shore suppliers whilst resolving our broadband issues.  This year they have created a brand new online shopping site for us using Wix. Only one word describes them - outstanding”

Peter (Yuk) Hodgson
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